Record a message for Congress and America

Dear Colleagues,

As our company makes its case to Congress next week for a financial bridge loan to help ensure Chrysler’s long-term viability and competitiveness, we’re asking you to help put the situation into perspective for the rest of America.

On Monday, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., the Chrysler Speaker’s Corner will be set up on the second floor of Tech Plaza. Please stop by and record on camera your responses to these two questions:

One, why should America care about the U.S. auto industry?

Two, as a member of the Chrysler team, what do you feel is your role in bringing the company back to long-term viability and competitiveness?

A selection of responses will be used in a video that will be distributed internally and externally to let Americans know why they should get behind the U.S. auto industry. The video also will be used to urge Americans to reach out to their senators and representatives to support a financial bridge loan for U.S. automakers.

Thank you very much.